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A3IS - The First Biological Modulator

A3IS is a biological modulation technology that generates reactive oxygen species (ROS) to stimulate or eliminate organisms based on the desired application.

A3IS is a unique, patented platform technology with the ability to generate a sustained and tailored H2O2 (ROS) payload at a safe mM range.

Recent News

Nektr Technologies, a Sligo-based biotechnology company, has raised €1 million in investment with the Western Development Commission providing half of the funding.

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Discover how we have perfected the ability to modulate biological systems to create a safe and powerful technology to stimulate or eliminate organisms…


We are actively working with industry leaders and research institutes to deploy our powerful platform technology…



Discover the mechanism behind our disruptive technology…

Meet the dedicated team

Our multi disciplinary team consists of Researchers, Scientists, Engineers and Medical Professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Discover our story

What began as scientific research into the medicinal properties of a naturally occurring substance has led to the development of a ground-breaking new platform technology.

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