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Our patented technology A3IS has unique Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antiviral, and Intracellular Stimulation properties through a sustained release of reactive oxygen species at an effective therapeutic level.

The tailored release of reactive oxygen species (ROS)  stimulates or eliminates organisms based on the potency. A high dose will result in the complete kill of all microbes while a low concentration causes prolonged stimulation initiating cell growth.

A3IS can be produced to Pharmaceutical, Medical Device or Cosmetic Quality Standards.

A3IS is a biological modulation technology that generates reactive oxygen species (ROS) to stimulate or eliminate organisms based on the desired application.

A3IS is a unique, patented platform technology with the ability to generate a sustained and tailored H2O2 (ROS) payload at a safe mM range.

Applications of the A3IS tailored H2O2 release system

Standard H2O2  is an extremely versatile molecule with multiple functions in established biological systems. However, an inherent flaw is its spontaneous decomposition which greatly limits further potential application.

By tailoring hydrogen peroxide release we can manipulate an organisms biological response inducing growth or death.

Developed By Nature, Refined By Science, Perfected by Nektr.

Inspired by nature, our team of scientists developed a technology with proven success in combatting all forms of Bacterial, Fungal and Viral Pathogens. Over 15 years of extensive validation has demonstrated our technology’s broad application potential in both the human and veterinary sector. This technology is the answer to the global challenge of antibiotic resistance and overuse.

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